Whitegrass No. 1

About This Project

Yerington, Nevada
February 15, 2018
Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA)

Whitegrass No. 1 is a 4 MW binary plant near Yerington, NV. Whitegrass No. 1 was OME’s first project to achieve commercial operation. The project is adjacent to Wabuska Geothermal which was Nevada’s first commercial scale binary geothermal power plant. The Project was acquired from Homestretch Geothermal in 2016. OME repowered the project and reached commercial operation in early 2018. The project has enjoyed availability in excess of 99% since achieving commercial operation.  The plant consists of 4 ORC Units, two top-cycle and two bottom-cycle units. The project utilizes 4 separate water-cooled condensers. The power generated from the Project is sold to SCPPA under a long-term PPA.