Mayacma Geothermal

About This Project

Cobb, California
Expected April 9, 2024
Marin Clean Energy

OME acquired the Bottle Rock Project wellfield from Alta Rock Energy in September 2022. The Bottle Rock Power Project was originally a 55MW facility in the Geysers Known Geothermal Resource Area near Cobb, CA. The project was originally owned by California Department of Water Resources and has changed ownership several times since its original operation in 1980. The project has been in a non-operational state since 2015 due to lack of steam to operate at the expected levels. OME intends to install a new 8.0 MW facility at the existing plant site. The water cooling tower will be removed from the site and be replaced with an air cooled condenser significantly reducing fire risk. OME is currently working through a petition to amend the existing CEC License to begin construction. OME anticipates the project will come online in the second quarter of 2024.