About Open Mountain Energy

Founded in 2016, Open Mountain Energy (OME) specializes in the acquisition, development, and operation of utility-scale geothermal power plants. OME is a subsidiary of the Kaishan Group (Kaishan), one of the largest industrial air compressor manufacturers in the world. In addition to its air compressor division, Kaishan operates a power generation equipment division providing OME a vertically integrated solution to power plant equipment design and manufacturing. OME’s management team has over 100 years of combined experience in the geothermal development industry. OME has a portfolio of operating and development assets that are ideally positioned to support the company’s mission of becoming one of the top geothermal energy developers in North America.
Open Mountain Energy Project Highlights


OME employs a data-driven scientific approach to our resource exploration and development projects to reduce risks and ensure that our power generation equipment is well-matched, if not tailor-fit for the resource.  Following principled industry standard scientific practices in geothermal exploration and characterization allows OME to design and build efficient power plants across a wide range of resource types and temperatures.  From boots on the ground field-mapping to state-of-the-art 3D conceptual modeling, we aim to collect and integrate all possible datasets into a wholistic model that helps the team visualize not only the high value targets for drilling, but also understand the resource or geological uncertainties and constraints that are inevitable in any project.  Integration of geological, geophysical, geochemical and dynamic reservoir performance data is critical to our success, and we work closely with industry-leading professional consultant organizations and engineers to help us achieve a high-level technical proficiency required to achieve that success.


Drilling & Wellfield Development

OME purchased its own drill rig in 2022 allowing complete flexibility and schedule control when it comes to wellfield development at each of our projects. OME’s in-house drilling department has drilled a combined 300+ wells in their careers which is valuable when navigating the complex subsurface issues associated with geothermal drilling operations. OME intends to continually operate the rig over the next several years to bring our pipeline projects to fruition and further our mission of becoming one of the top geothermal energy developers on the globe.

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Construction & Engineering

Being a vertically integrated organization comes with its benefits. After OME confirms its expected resource conditions for any given project, our organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power generation systems are designed to meet our specific application and assembled by our expert teams at Kaishan’s headquarters. Our equipment features a patented screw expander system capable of improving isentropic efficiency compared to conventional turbines. All of our equipment is assembled and pre-tested in the factory to ensure a seamless installation process one the ground. The balance of plant components we use in our facilities are sourced from manufacturers such asGeneral Electric, ABB, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Eaton, Emerson, Toshiba and many others.

OME’s team has vast experience in construction management across the globe. OME employs and manages major industrial contractors and local contractors in the communities where we build to install our ORC Power Generator Systems and other plant components. OME deploys industry best practices with regard to safety, environmental impact, budget and schedule to construct its facilities on time while meeting all project objectives.

Structured Finance & PPA

OME has a vast network of financial institutions to execute various types of transactions to further our project and corporate objectives. OME’s commercial team has closed over $1 Billion in transactions and has over 30 years of project financing experience including tax equity, construction financing, and other permanent financing transactions. We work closely with transaction counsel, title companies, independent engineers, resource consultants and other specialty firms to execute healthy transactions and build organizational value.

Geothermal Power is in high demand in the Western United States, especially in California where recent legislation has called for more high-capacity, clean renewable power resources. Unlike wind and solar, Geothermal energy is online 24/7 meeting recent high-capacity requirements. In addition to OME’s structured finance experience, the management team has relationships with CCA’s, major utilities, municipalities and other entities across the Western United States who want and need our product. OME will continue to work with our existing and new partners to execute long term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and grow our portfolio of projects and associated PPAs.


Why Kaishan?

Kaishan has become one of the largest manufacturers of industrial equipment and air compressors due to its specialized engineering experience and manufacturing practices that have been optimized  over the past 60 years.  Kaishan’s manufacturing processes are 85% vertically integrated, which allows Kaishan supply chain control, influence of component costs, and increased quality of material. Kaishan has a fundamental belief in environmental sustainability. Unused waste materials, throughout the entire manufacturing process are recycled to maximize the use of raw materials. Kaishan is committed to the pioneering spirit and continuous improvement which drives them to continue to develop core technologies and unique manufacturing techniques to produce high-value, efficient and reliable equipment meeting the needs of many industries well into the future.  Kaishan is in the process of expanding its existing US manufacturing operations in Loxley, AL to include power generation equipment.  By 2026, OME expects its power generation equipment will be proudly made in the US.