Open Mountain Energy combines its geothermal and project development expertise with Kaishan Group's power plant technologies and manufacturing to form a cutting-edge industry leading vertically integrated geothermal energy company.

OME's partnership with Kaishan Group provides innovative and economical solutions to its customers and partners.

How is Open Mountain Energy different?

Proprietary Power Equipment Technology
Open Mountain Energy has the exclusive rights in the US market to utilize Kaishan’s proprietary screw expander technology.
This high-tech capability allows OME geothermal power plants quicker, more efficient maintenance, and lower cost installation.
Creative Engineering Solutions
With the high cost of on-sight equipment installation and testing, most of OME’s equipment is factory assembled and pre-tested.
This pre-fabricated modular design allows for huge cost savings in plant construction, equipment installation, and pre-operation testing.
In addition, where most geothermal firms are either ‘only binary’ or ‘only steam’ capable, OME’s innovative designs are both binary AND steam optimized - allowing for 200 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit production.
Industry Leading Shorter Project Development Times
Since so much of OME’s geothermal equipment is factory assembled and pre-tested, the overall plant construction and testing timeframes are condensed to about half the industry standard.
This amounts to a significant cost savings for power plant development.
Strategic Financing/Innovative Capital Structuring
OME’s ability to bridge development and construction with internal capital is a great advantage. With less expensive in-house financing along with innovative capital structuring, OME has unique development flexibility.
This flexibility contributes to lower capital costs, shorter development, and further defines OME as truly ‘economically optimized’.
OME Geothermal Power Plants are Owned and Operated
OME acquires, develops, owns and operates sustainable geothermal power plants – that’s what we do.
It is important to point out, that ownership and plant operation is a significant part of our business model. It insures our meticulous focus on, and execution of, the entire development process.

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